From refugee to coach

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Podcast "From refugee to coach"

- A journey with tears, laughters, knowledge and interesting guests

“Seek those who fan your flames” – Rumi

In this podcast, Leyla will discuss her journey as a Kurdish refugee
woman relocating to Sweden overcoming all obstacles to become
the woman that she is today. In addition, Leyla will interview others who have gone through the same journey. Leyla will inspire and educate on this podcast and provide the resources available for refugees to become successful.
We will continuously share insights, storytelling and resources to
be learned and shared. To plant seeds of creativity with a touch of
science. Feel free to share our podcast with anyone that would benefit from or add value to. 

Let it be an open source! You can anytime feel free to reach out to us, whether you with your story or experience would add value to our podcast, or if you want to tips us about interesting guests.