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Corporate Social Responsibility
AVZEL.LIFE has as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) mission to work for a better world and the next generation. We are also passionate about developing society. We want to help make dreams come true. That everyone can live a life of joy, development, and love. To be their true selves neither more nor less regardless of ethnicity, gender, faith, or age.

We have seen how Innovation, Mindfulness can develop, interconnect inner and outer leadership. This in combination with Cognitive Neuroscience enables us to follow, develop people, behaviors, methods, tools, and business development based on applied research, wisdom, education, and practical experience. There is a huge potential to create sustainable growth and development, create an engaged, self-propelled, innovative organization and highlight the best through human creativity.

We also work in Sweden for a sustainable, better society. AVZEL.LIFE is today a job mentor via Mentor Sverige. We visit various high schools in Stockholm and present business and entrepreneurship working life. Leyla Avzel is also a mentor and is part of Mentor Sweden’s 1-year program for youngsters between 13-17 years old. Over the years, Leyla has been a mentor of master students at various universities in Sweden. Leyla was mentor to the master student Enkeleda Ibrahimi to support and coach her through the studies, career choices, etc. Leyla has been a mentor to other adults with different backgrounds and different positions at Pro Bono.

AVZEL.LIFE is lobbying various organizations in business and the public sector for a better sustainable society. In this area, we also aim to link sustainable development and our efforts to research within, among other things, Cognitive Neuroscience. We rely on it through our own and applicable research in collaboration with various stakeholders and partners globally. We offer our unique skills, knowledge, networking, and wisdom humbly with the right timing. Through coaching leadership, consulting services, training for companies as well as post-secondary institutions and activities. We build a better, developed, sustainable society step by step and we practice what we preach. Awareness of self-leadership in our everyday working life. Create with us and stay tuned for more news about our ongoing ”a better world project”.

Investing Time and Money

We have several ongoing projects and partnerships in Africa, among other things, that we will publish soon. As part of working for a better continent, we also invested in AFRiPODS that are equivalent to Acast. AVZEL.LIFE will broadcast from its podcast within AFRiPODS. It is currently available in at least 15 countries and is also internationally listenable . Focus and themes will be about leadership, coaching, and business life on the African continent compared to the western.


”A thoughtful and wholehearted leader is what describes Leyla the best. I met her in February 2018 and I asked her to be my mentor for just one hour per month, to help me through my new life in Sweden. She turned out to give me countless hours per week, two student jobs, career-life coaching, a community of inspiring leaders, cooking classes, and a warm welcoming place to knock for a tea/advice hour anytime during the cold winter (or summer). If this is not overdelivering, what is? The best part about my story is that Leyla is like this in everything she does. She goes beyond and above to do the most excellent job that wasn’t even imaginable to be achieved before she decided to take it in her hands. I have witnessed her running her companies and pure business genius is the only way to summarises what I saw. But she has just started. She is set to conquer many new seas in the years to come and the world will be a better place because of her.”

Mentorcoach to masterstudent Enkeleda Ibrahimi


Hackaton, Hack space for planet

Mentor coaching teams within the hackathon ”Hack space for planet” that was led by Karin Nilsdotter and Ann Molin. Cooperation between the Swedish embassy in Singapore and Singapore.

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Hackaton, Hack the crisis for Sweden

Hack for Sweden, mentorcoach; Mentor coaching teams within the hackathon ”Hack the crisis for Sweden” that was led by Ann Molin. In this critical moment, our task is to work together as a nation to solve one of the biggest crises of our lifetime. Hack the Crisis is an online hackathon organized by DIGG, Hack for Sweden, Openhack and The Swedish Government.

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”I am a unique melody. A strong character seared with scars. Every time a person is sharing experience, something is happening within us. We evolve together”

Leyla Avzel, Ceo/Founder